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Lionel MurphyThe civil Marriage Celebrant Program was established by Attorney-General, The Hon. Mr Justice Lionel Murphy (dec) to bring dignity to secular people through ceremonies of substance, meaning and elegance.

Murphy, who was the first Humanist of the Year (1983), observed that in regard to ceremonies, people had been brainwashed into presuming that non-church people were not entitled to an appropriate dignity. Secular people were humiliated by the then Registry Offices, who delivered a short and legalistic ceremony, which most experienced as offensive.

It is important that secular values be preserved by all celebrants who now enjoy the Murphy heritage.

The Humanist Celebrant Network is a freewill association of like minded Celebrants. It is open to any celebrant, who is in general agreement, with the following statement:

"Humanists try to lead ethical and responsible lives without reliance on belief in supernatural influences. They believe it is possible to build a more humane democratic society using human capabilities, tempered by critical reason and a spirit of free enquiry. This open-ended, uncertain yet optimistic approach to living is called Humanism."

The network is committed to strong advocacy to government about the needs of celebrants and the ceremonial needs of the Australian public.

We particularly ask younger celebrants to consider joining as humanist and secular values have been greatly undermined but the Attorney-General’s department. We need the support to speak truth to power.

If you subscribe to the principles of humanism and secularism expressed above and would like to join the network there are two ways you can join.

  1. Please go to our email forum and join :

        Click on “ JOIN THIS GROUP “.

    (Please note: As a required formality our application will have to be approved and you will need access to email and the web in order to participate in the network. All network communication is through an electronic discussion group.")

  2. Contact me at the email address below with your contact details - name and email address especially but also a postal address and phone numbers would be helpful.

We operate as a network and do not have any formal structure - we are not an incorporated association in our own right (although the Humanist Society is) - we do have an informal “caretaker” committee. So there are no fees!

I do invite you to give us your support, help, and friendship in  a common cause.

Dally Messenger III  or


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