Humanist Ceremonies focus on the things that unite us - and the greatest of these is love.
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  • What is a humanist ceremony?

    Stephen Fry and the British Humanist Association have teamed up to explain what makes humanist weddings, namings, and funerals the ideal options for non-religious people looking to mark major turning points in their lives

    This link to You Tube will take you to the video published on 7th December, 2016



    Meeting with CoCA and the Attorney General's Department
    16 & 17th October 2013.
    Gail Everard (HCN stand in representative) attended most of the meeting and the notes below reflect the discussion held

    • The most ground breaking piece of news from the department was that there are currently no plans on the table for cost recovery with the current government. We are back to a clean slate with no agenda on the table.
    • Attorney General's will no doubt be asked by government as some stage to provide advice on cost recovery.
    • There has been a marked increase in celebrant de-registrations - mainly because they have not kept their contact details up to date. i.e.. 417 de-registrations for period April to September 2013.
    • AG's will provide de-identified case studies of people who have been de-registered including those who have a proven conflict of interest.
    • Celebrants may request that their AG's web listing not have a street address, and just list their suburb/town.
    • Updated guidelines will be distributed to celebrant associations for comment. 
    • Next proposed meeting is 16/17 April 2014.



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